Rudy Currence & The Dynasty

Rudy Currence & The Dynasty are a band of vocal  and instrumental powerhouses. Consisting of a trio of singers, pianist, guitarist, and drummer, this group is what most music lovers would describe as the perfect blend.

Rudy Currence is a star all by himself. He is a Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and producer. Rudy’s musicianship, vocal range and ability to captivate any audience are a rarity in today’s music business. To find a triple threat like Rudy accompanied by a polished supporting cast is a treat.

The Dynasty are all stars in their own right. Rudy and the group have been busy working on new music and plans to tour overseas. Collectively, they have extensive training in almost every musical genre including R&B, Pop, Rock, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Classical Music. Rudy Currence & The Dynasty take their audiences on a heart felt journey and leave them nothing short of inspired. Soon the world will see the emergence of a new 5 star constellation better known as Rudy Currence & The Dynasty!

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